From Penkiln Burn: 

Over the past sixteen years Bill Drummond has turned down all requests to appear on television, bar one disastrous occasion.
In February 2012, he was invited to take part in the filming of the BBC series Punk Britannia. Later in the year he was invited to discuss Stockhausen with Will Gompertz on the Ten O’clock News. Although he turned down both of these an idea began to evolve. The idea being, in future every time he received a request from a TV programme he would respond by providing them with a Sixty Second film clip on the subject matter in question.
As a trial run, he made two retrospective clips in response to the Punk Britannia request and two in response to the Stockhausen / Ten O’clock News request.
He also received an enquiry about being a guest on The Great Album Showdown with Danny Baker to be broadcast this week. Again Drummond refused the offer but responded by making Singles Versus Albums in Sixty Seconds.
All five of these Sixty Second films are now available to be watched on the MEDIA section of the Penkiln Burn site.
The Birth of Punk in Sixty Seconds
The Death of Punk in Sixty Seconds
Stockhausen & Little Richard in Sixty Seconds
Little Richard & Stockhausen in Sixty Seconds
Singles Versus Albums in Sixty Seconds