We’re big fans of Bill Callahan here at Polite and, in fact, our copy of Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle has it’s own special place right next to the office turntable. The cover features an enigmatic picture of five horses in the mist which has always intrigued me, so I was pleased to discover where the image had come from.

In 2008, Chris Taylor had sent an unsolicited email to Drag City Records with a proposal: a book of photographs of and around Bill Callahan. Taylor found himself traveling 658 miles east, from his home in Victoria, B.C. to meet Callahan and discuss the idea: that he would travel to Callahan's home in Austin, TX and photograph him every other day for a month. Along the drive Taylor took some Polaroids – one of which, the picture of the horses in the mist, was chosen for the album cover.

A book of photos titled "The Life and Times of William Callahan" is the result of Taylor's time in Austin. It's a series of images that are as much about Callahan's songs as they are about him. Still and Poetic and beautifully engaging. 

You can see more of Taylor's work and get hold of one of the books here:  http://www.winnersblues.com/book/

Here are some images from the book – courtesy of the photographer.