We're pleased to launch two new postcard books from The School of Life as part of their Tools for Thinking range: Places/Ideas and Art as Therapy. Each set contains 20 removable postcards bound together with a wrap around cover.


This postcard book contains twenty of the most inspiring places on earth where some of the most significant ideas ideas to affect humanity were first worked out: twenty places where some great minds gave birth to thoughts that permanently altered the course of history.

Among other locations you'll find the Swiss mountain where Friedrich Nietzsche developed his philosophy of the Superman; the Viennese street where Sigmund Freud pioneered psychoanalysis; the Parisian railway station where Marcel Proust revolutionised the novel; and the Pacific island where the anthropologist Margaret Mead rethought Western sexuality...

The cards combine beautiful photography with fascinating explanations of the ideas that continue to change the world.

Henry David Thoreau / Living in Harmony with Nature

Jane Austin / Drama



A favourite work of art seems to bottle a mood or capture an idea or just delight you. A postcard provides a quick way of returning to that experience. Rather than honing in on the gallery as the key place to encounter art, postcards allow us to take the experiences – and the lessons they teach – home and (hence) into the rest of our lives, which is where they belong. Placed at eye level above the kitchen sink, stashed under a pillow in bed or kept in the glove box of the car, a postcard allows what we love in a work of art to be available in times of trial. A postcard can send a part of your inner life to another person. In the future you might be able to say, to take one example from the set, ‘I had a Van der Neerish experience’ – and the friend who has got the card will understand. 


Both postcards sets will be available from you local Polite stockist from May and online here.