A rare piece of British industrial history.

From the late 19th c. to the mid 1970's most books, newspapers, magazines and literature used the Linotype machine to set it's type. Every one of these machines used a set of master drawings to create the fonts. There are two surviving collections of these master drawings. 

The best sets have been archive boxed and are now available to own. Each set contains the upper and lowercase alphabet, numbers, symbols and ligatures. The sets are unique and variable original items dating anywhere from the 1890's to, usually, the 1940's.

You can read more about this very special archive here.

The incomplete sets of these drawings have now been sold off individually - with ones of similar quality to these collections selling for over £150 each. But, in an  effort to ensure the remaining sets stay intact they are now available only as boxed sets. Each font has a different quantity of drawings but all contain around 80 - 100 drawings. Each drawing is around 32 x 32 cm in size.

Price includes courier shipping worldwide.