No.16 – London
No.16 – London No.16 – London No.16 – London No.16 – London

The third stop on Peter Blake’s tour of the great cities is London. Blake is a long time resident of London and his affection and understanding of it is beautifully displayed in this series of postcard prints.

As with his other collage works in this series Blake creates hugely complex and humorous scenarios filled with characters and objects found in his personal collection of printed materials. The series contains several classic Blake motifs such as the circus, magic, crowds, dancing and butterflies, and showcases the sophistry of his compositional skills.

Piccadilly Circus is inhabited by comic book heroes, animals run wild over Westminster Abbey and skeletons dance at Ludgate Circus. Abbey road gets a refreshing treatment and there’s another regatta on the Thames, this time with antique airships and balloons overhead.



This box contains two copies of all ten images in the London Suite, reproduced as 148mm square lithographically printed postcards and presented in a hand finished box designed by Blake and made in Stockport.